Scoring Options & Pricing

Scoring Options

Online Scoring

The COPS-R may be scored on-line at:

The site requires the user to register and to purchase scoring keys that are available for immediate use. Users are billed separately by mail or email after purchase.

Users may have examinees complete the paper and pencil sheets using the test booklets, and then score the responses manually on site using 1 (True) and 2 (False) inputs. This is quick and easy, with accuracy checks built in to the software.

Users may alternatively have examinees take the COPS-R online, where test questions are presented and responded to directly by the examinee.

For both of the above methods, a score report is generated upon completion and is available for print-out in a PDF format.

Scantron Scoring

Materials for the paper-and-pencil version include a test booklet and a machine-readable answer sheet completed using a #2 pencil. This may be scored by mail-in service or through use of your own on-site scanner.

The COPS-R on-site scanning may be done using an approved optical scanner from the Scantron Corporation and a computer using the Windows operating system. At this time approved scanners include the following Scantron models:

  • OpScan 4ES
  • OpScan 6
  • OpScan 8
  • Scanmark 4U


1-49 50+
Online Scoring $12 per admin $10 per admin
Online Administration $12 per admin $10 per admin
Scanner Scoring $10 per admin $8 per admin
Scantron Answer Sheets $.75 ea $.75 ea
COPS-R Scantron Scoring Software $25
Test Booklets (Package of 5) $25
Test Booklets (Package of 50) $225
Test Manual $15